First Look

Warm, soulful, and stylish.

I strive to create work that embodies that axiom.

My muse in this endeavor: obviously, my warm soulful stylish mutt Foxylady. Our Fall Catalog photoshoot was, conveniently, at my apartment so her russet coat with hints of ivory and her deep luscious eyes dictated the palette.

We combined the honeyed (russet) mappa wood of our new Antibes Mirror. The inky, oil-drop glaze of our new Vallauris Bird Bowl was a vain attempt to capture the depth of her eyes. Then we layered in a soupçon of sparkle to match her winning personality. The result is (wait for it) as warm, soulful, and stylish as the chicest canine around.

Fall Preview 2016 Foxylady

Warm, soulful, and stylish could also describe so much of our catalog. With 200+ new pieces you can attain that elusive aura. Prepare to stock up on everything new we have for fall (our catalog drops 9/26) with a few early arrivals below. But, more importantly, start sussing out which Clairol color most closely resembles her coat.

Shot in our HQ and in JA's apartment, this catalog truly captures how our products are designed to live.

  • 300+ products, 15 people on set, 1 dog
  • Most played song: "I Got U" by Duke Dumont feat. Jax Jones
  • Highlight: Styling 20 Acrylic Pills
  • Lowlight: Convincing the super of a pre-war building to let us use the elevator for a week...
  • Easiest shot: The cover—was set up in 10 minutes and it didn't change a bit
  • Hardest shot: 8 mirrors on one wall. We look good, but not that good