“My favorite form to throw is a full-bellied orb, a vessel with a small bottom that gracefully swells and then finishes with a slender neck - elegant, intuitive, satisfying.
“As I worked in on the vases in my Soho studio, I wanted to create a vocabulary of simple, interlocking shapes that gently grow at the full belly and taper at the neck and foot.
“I consider my work a success when the object I design looks like it was just <strong>supposed to be</strong> that way, like it always existed in nature and I was merely there to uncover it.
“The completed prototypes reminded me of something, but I couldn't quite figure out what... perhaps seed pods, or an armadillo's shell... and then I realized they looked like oversized hand grenades. I had never looked beyond the function of hand grenades to see how simple and beautiful they are.
“I immediately knew how to glaze the finished pots. With my Peruvian workshop I developed a metallic oxide glaze, a satin matte finish with a slight mineral shimmer that perfectly captures the unexpected, menacing beauty of hand grenades.