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I Want!


I Want!... is an excuse to talk to people we love about the things they want.

Ashley Longshore

Photos by James Letten

Hot takes and winter wishes from Louisiana-based painter, gallery owner, and entrepreneur Ashley Longshore, who also happens to know what the world needs now—a Quincy Jones soundtrack and a very sparkly Vice.

1. Bacharach Swivel Chair

in Como Champagne

“This chair has my heart. WHY? DRAMA. It swivels... the endless theatrical possibilities of this chair make it the savior of the year. But seriously, this chair needs its own TikTok."

Jonathan Adler Bacharach Swivel Chair

2. Reform Credenza

"I want to dance naked on this credenza. I wanna paint it into a still life. I wanna hide my weed in it.”

Jonathan Adler Reform Credenza

3. Vice Canisters

"I love Vice canisters. That's why I included them in my last RONA still life. I love the Glitter one. But to throw people off, I keep my dildo in it, cuz that's where the real sparkle is…. AM I RIGHT?”

Jonathan Adler Vice Canisters

4. Santa Barbara Uni

"LOVE Santa Barbara Uni… like, I have a problem. I would do unspeakable things to get the UNI. GIVE ME UNI.”

Santa Barbara Uni


my Rizzoli coffee table book

“240 pages of my pop art in your face. BOOM. Place it on a beautiful Jonathan Adler coffee table and you’re livin’ right."

Ashley Longshore’s Rizzoli coffee table book

6. Op Art Bar

"I want to sashay up to this bar in a kaftan, barefoot, with Quincy Jones blasting. Then I wanna snatch a bottle of gin and shake the damndest martinis my friends have ever seen. This bar makes me wanna party. BUY IT… Let’s party."

Jonathan Adler Op Art Bar

7. Lips Full Dose
Needlepoint Throw Pillow

“I love these pillows. In my house they are HAPPY PILLS. They are such a fun conversation piece.”

Jonathan Adler Lips Full Dose Needlepoint Pillow

8. Ashley Longshore Silk
Eye Mask

“"I don’t travel anywhere without my silk eye mask. It has little beaded tassels and my eyes on both sides... A gal’s gotta sleep."

Ashley Longshore Silk Eye Mask
Artist Ashley Longshore