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Jonathan began his design journey as a full-time potter, and years later, his pottery studio is still the heart and soul of our Soho office. Jonathan and his team sculpt and re-sculpt, and often re-re-sculpt, every prototype.

We are committed to perfect proportions, outstanding artisanship, and divine quality.

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Pottery Paradise

Over the years we’ve created a myriad of collections which explored different moods—from the soulful style of the Relief Collection to the surrealism of our family of Muses—but they all share the same origin. Each piece is born in Jonathan’s studio.

The Muse Collection

Porcelain Reverie.

A surreal porcelain homage to our favorite artists' muses.

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Vesuvius Vases

Organic Modernism.

Sculptural, modernist, dynamic, but pleasingly balanced. Our Vesuvius Collection features soft peaks in a rich lava glaze that bubbles when fired, creating a cratered surface. Add warmth to your Park Avenue Penthouse or couture craft to your Tribeca Loft.

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The Palm Springs Collection

Our hand-thrown black stoneware collection bears the marks of rigorous craftsmanship—now including 12 limited-edition vessels, featuring nine oversized silhouettes.

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The Versailles Collection

Our classic-meets-cutting edge collection treats graphic greatness to gobs of gold.

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