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I Want! with Julie Vadnal

Photo credit: Belle Morizio

Julie Vadnal, Deputy Editor at Domino magazine

I Want!


I Want! is an excuse to talk to people we love about the things that they want.

Spring is here and who better to tell us what we need to make it the freshest yet than Domino’s Deputy Editor, Julie Vadnal. That’s right, bona fide EDITOR’S PICKS. Read on.

Acrylic Dot Tables, Jonathan Adler

Acrylic Dot Tables

Have you ever seen that Girls5Eva episode where everyone bumps into the acrylic piano because they can’t see it? This reminds me of that: low visual clutter, but with a colorful top that’s thankfully easy to spot.

Bond collection, Jonathan Adler

Bond Round Extension Dining Table

So much chicer than the card table we pull out for big family meals. And once everyone leaves, it’s the perfect size for just me and my fiancé.

Acrylic lighting, Jonathan Adler

Peggy Pendant

I recently swapped out the chandelier in my kitchen, and now I want to do the rest of my rental, too. My top pick for a happy glow.

LA Double J Column Dress

La Double J Column Dress

I’ve been listening to a lot of the White Lotus Season 2 soundtrack, and this dress seems made for shimmying to old-school Italian tunes.

Pompidou Candleholder

Pompidou Acrylic Candleholder

Flowers die, so I’m a sucker for a candleholder on a dining table. I’d fill this with my favorite neon pink tapers.

Hermes Lipstick

Rouge Hermes Shiny Lipstick

Even when the lipstick runs out, I’ll keep this tube forever.

Porcelain trinket tray, Jonathan Adler

Fleur Trinket Tray

My growing earring collection needs a home—thankfully my jewelry is delicate enough to let this design shine (or is it peek?) through.

Rattan tuffet, Jonathan Adler

Riviera Tuffet

Until the day we have space for an L-shaped sofa, we’ll rest our feet on this stool and pretend—then also use it for puzzle nights around the coffee table.

Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin

The only thing I love more than playing video games is reading a novel about childhood friends who design video games. This book wrecked me in the best way and it’s the first recommendation I make when people ask me what they should be reading right now.

Printed velvet cushions, Jonathan Adler

Madrid Cushions

Spring in New York can be iffy, but these cushions makes even the gloomiest April day seem cheery.

Home Dough cookie dough

Home Dough

When a cookie craving hits, I reach for a couple balls of this frozen cookie dough and pop them in the oven. While they’re warm, I top them with Salt & Straw ice cream. Honestly, does life get any better?