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Artist Angelica Hicks

London-born, NYC-based artist Angelica Hicks has lent her witty illustrations to some smokin’ JA styles so that you can throw your most decadent cocktail hour or dinner party yet. We asked her about passion, inspo, and passing the joint.

Describe your vibe in three words.

Stressed, relaxed, funny.

Most prized possession (that you cannot live without).

She is not my possession but she is my obsession - my dog Bambi.

Describe your ideal creative sesh.

My ideal creative sesh is at home alone, with some snacks but not too many or I will get too sidetracked, a funny podcast that I don't have to be fully engaged with while listening to - How Long Gone is a good one which you can listen to while doing other things. I find podcasts better than music unless I am listening to albums.

Inspiration for this collection?

Visual humour! I wanted the plates and trays to speak without incorporating words into the product itself. I'm bored of word play and I'm now into image play!

Favorite piece?

The Hash Tray! I came up with it very last minute and changed the original design on the day it was due. The creation of Adam inspired passing of the joint. I love it—such an iconic reference that most people have come across at least once. I like engaging on a mass scale like this. I majored in history of art but you do not need that degree to know this reference!

Dream blunt rotation.

Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart at Martha’s.

Angelica Hicks X JA Roller Coasters Back