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The Know-How Modular Pompidou Seating

The-Know How

Modular Pompidou Seating

Introducing our new modular seating system. Extra deep, sublimely squishy and guaranteed to solve all of your problems. Get what you need, from a single seat to a sprawling sectional.

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Pompidou Modular Armless Piece Illustration


Pompidou Modular Corner Piece Illustration



Pompidou Modular Armless Piece

For use as a single seat or as an added-in extension cushion or chaise arm.

For use as a corner-friendly cocoon, as a sectional joint, or to round things off with an arm rest.

Pompidou Modular Corner Piece
Pompidou Sectional Bench Style

Join armless pieces to form modern bench-style sofas of any length.

Pompidou Sectional Bench L Shape Style

Combine with corner pieces to create cocooning arm rests and give your sectional shape.

Pompidou Sectional Bench C Shape Style

Reshape as desired, or add in individual pieces to build out new configurations.

Ultra Modern Seating Solutions

Each piece features an ultra-mod tubular framework on its reverse—perfect for floating in a palatial pad or giving shape to your downtown loft.

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